Cayman to Mexico

Okay, gonna try and remember waaay back to before Christmas.  Be gentle with me, my mind ain’t what it used to be.  <sigh>

We left Cayman morning of 24 Dec, weather was great and looked to be decent the whole way to Mexico.  Heading out through North Sound was just as devious as coming in, except now we KNEW just how shallow it was in spots.  The GPS  sent us right up next to the reef before cutting over which was a little dicey.  We made it out the same hole we came in okay and were on our way.

It is still fairly shallow outside, 70 feet or so, so the waves were a little high probably hitting 10-12 feet.  Of course this is the exact moment the main sail batten gets caught behind the lazy jack and so behind the standing rigging.  Jean-Marie ended up scaling the mast to untangle the mess while I alternated between holding his line and chewing my nails.  It just was not the right kind of sea to be up the stick!

Once out of the shadow of the island the seas calmed down and gave us a most beautiful ride the rest of the day.

Christmas Eve night was spent watching stars and singing Christmas carols to the fishies.  There was not much activity up there that night, not as much as had been usual most nights, so I figured everyone was out getting ready for the birthday party being held the  next day.  😉

Christmas Day, at sea, under the sun and cloudless sky, on the deep blue of Gaia’s bathtub….ahhhh, what sweet surroundings!  Again I figured everyone was out celebrating at the birthday party because there were no cloud figures that I could see.  I had gotten used to seeing “cloud people” everywhere every day….cartoons, faces, animals, etc….and I missed them.  Of course, most of the day I was prostrate in the cockpit – don’t ever get a migraine at sea…it hurts!  I had felt it come on early the 24th and it carried through the second day but by evening had subsided a bit.

The wind died completely Wednesday morning around sunrise and we ended up motoring all day.  We had been warned there was a “bit of chop” a couple hours out of Mexico but would ease once we got past Isla Mujeres.  In actuality, it started about noon, was about 2-3 m waves in all directions and lasted until we were within 1/2 mile of Cancun.  Still sunny and cloudless, just pretty rough…..and wet because the wind was coming N-NE and so we wore all the spray we kicked up.  Thank goodness it was warm water!  And we laughed all the way through it, it was just an amazingly funny feeling that day.

We were heading for Hacienda Del Mar in Puerto Juarez, just north of Cancun.  Dark fell before we found anywhere so we looked for a safe-ish place to anchor for the night.  We toodled around awhile but couldn’t seem to get out of the way of the ferries and party boats zipping back and forth.  We finally found a spot a ways away and hooked up for the night.  In the morning we were able to sneak in on someone’s wifi and found another marina, La Amada, a little further up the coast so we headed there.


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