Isla Mujeres to Puerto Moreles

A nice one-day sail from Isla Mujeres to Puerto Moreles, about 25 NMiles and we had beautiful weather for it, sunny, cloudless, 10-15 knot winds, fair seas….just beautiful.  We came in to Puerto Moreles mid afternoon and found the El Cid Marina no problem.  It’s a weird little marina with a breakwater all way around with a small opening SE.  Once inside, we hit a mooring buoy that gave us a  very protected little spot not far from the dink pier.  We toured around the El Cid resort that night and found it  very very different from the one we were used to in Mazatlan. This one was also all inclusive as a resort but, unlike the other one, we couldn’t use the restaurants or bars or anything if we wanted to pay for it.  There was one little restaurant at the marina that we could use but that was it.  It is  beautiful little resort and would be a great vacation spot if you flew in and just stayed there but, for sailors, it wasn’t that great.

It was $13 US per day for the mooring buoy but they wanted extra for hydro or water or even wifi – the wifi was $12 per day which is ridiculous!  That’s why we didn’t post anything from there.

We stayed one night and didn’t find it comfortable at all, just a weird feeling to the place besides not having the amenities we wanted.  So, the next day…. off to San Miguel, Cozumel……which is the next page.  🙂

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