A new sailing season begins

Although the plan was to sail 6 months, and work the other 6 to upgrade Ete Infini, it turns out the the 6 months of sailing are always cut short. Not that I am not on the boat 6 months a year, but that preparations always seems to take longer then projected. I have been in Guatemala since November 1st, and I am still here.
I brought a ton of stuff to perk up Ete Infini ( new water heater for hot showers, new rigging’s, electrical and such )
But once you start working on a boat it is hard to stop. I had a budget for this year, and as usual it meant nothing once I started sprucing her up. I got a new Bimini and dodger (that was not in the plan). I found out My propeller was slightly not up to par due to it’s age, so I got it fixed, now I find out the cutlass bearing needs to be changed and so on.
But better to get things done here in Guatemala then up north, either the States or Canada would be prohibitively too expensive compare to Guatemala. For example, I got a new dodger and Bimini for $1,200.00 US that would have set Me back $8,000.00 up north. One new prop and one refurbish prop was set at $360.00 US (labor not included) the prop alone would be $1,400 each up north. So I figure lets get most of the work done here, workmanship is usually excellent ( you have to shop around and listen to other sailors for advice on who does what) and they are not always on time, but what the heck if I can save $10,000.00 US on My up grades, why not be a little patient. And the level of honesty in Guatemala is no where seen up north. Here you have to pay up half up front without a receipt, but as of yet, I never had a problem with them coming back once they have the money, even if they don’t show up until a day or two past the promised date.
One more thing in regards to Guatemala and the cost of owning or keeping a boat here. It is a lot cheaper then either US and Canada. To keep Ete Infini at Tijax marina, for a 43 ft, more like 50 with the bowsprit the davits, it is $200.00 a months, the power is about $25.00 more on top of that, And when I am in Canada, they was the boat once or twice a month, they air it out every day, and when I come back, they take all the bedding’s and was them to be ready for the day I arrive. Now tell Me you can get such service at home, without costing you an arm and a leg. The marina has a gorgeous pool in jungle setting, it is very relaxing with three small water fall, the dock Master, Abel Oscar is one of the hardest working person I ever seen, he never stop, always helpful and a world of knowledge. He treats all the boats here as if they were is own, with pride and dedication.

So that’s it for now, today I have to climb the mast to install a new halyard, and an anchor light, then tons of other little stuff do take of, and most people think that sailing is all fun and games. I love owning a sailboat, and love traveling with it, but first gotta make her look purdy so she feels good too 🙂

Next blog probably will be from Honduras, see you then.


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