Sailing solo

I never meant to be sailing solo. but a lonely day at sea, is way better then having lots of friend while slaving at work. I have used quite a few site trying to find a steady sailing companion.

Yes I got quite a few replies. But neither takers, nor serious candidate. Am I asking too much ? I really don’t think so. All I am asking for, is a fun loving person, down to earth. one that truly understand what sailing is all about. That means, that is neither a life in tuxedos, nor gowns, nor champagne and flashy nails. Mind you if doing your nails every day is your thing, then be My guess, but as far as I am concern, a plain Jane without make up is more up My alley. I am not looking for a galley slave either, but a first mate, should be able hold her own on a sailboat. So far, all I am getting, is tons of people looking for a vacation on the cheap. well guess what, I am not a travel agent. two weeks just will not do it for this Captain. A minimum commitment, should be the norm. Well at least I would think so. Am I wrong ? Or asking too much ? I can get day tripper where ever I go, lots of them all over the place. The problem is, I tried that in the past, totally green people, and yes I do mean green. Just wait a few hours, and their faces turn ashen and they are looking for the nearest bucket, and some time the cockpit gets most of it. know what I mean jelly bean ? 🙂 And if they do not turn green, they break stuff like there is no tomorrow. Two years ago, someone yanked on the wiring of My electronics, Why ? because that person thought it was a good place to try to keep her balance. So I lost My chart plotter, depth sounder and wind instrument all at once. Thank God I knew the area, but I still had to navigate 350 knots by memory. Fortunately when I started sailing I had no such equipments. So it was down memory lane for Me. And yes I have paper charts, cuz any descent Captain does not rely on electronics alone. and yes I still can do dead reckoning and use a protractor and spreader.
I know quite a few sailors that have found their best mate while sailing solo, How do they do it ? Not sure, are they so desperate that they will put up with every thing ? Or are those first mate out there ? I am not sure. Every one I meet have been a couple for quite a few years before sailing, and they decided on sailing at a later time together as a couple, and it was a mutual decision for them. Have I gone about it wrong way ? Well not on this side of the fence. Sailing is what I am about, this is what I love. Yes I meet tons of beautiful people all over the place, and yes it is a blessing. Because it is what boating is all about. And all in all, I would never change a single thing. Sailing solo is better then sailing with an incompatible mate. And I will keep on sailing solo till I die if it is in the cards. But gosh darn it, there as to be some one out there, that is looking for the same thing I am. Or am I the sole weirdo in this whole wide world ?
Any ideas ? Any one has a good experience they would like to post on this site ? Feel free to reply. All the solo sailors out there would like to know of good experiences. It just might be the picker upper We need. At least a glimmer of hope that it can happen.


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