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5 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Heather Broomfield

    Sounds like you two are really having a wonderful adventure. Each day a surprise on a journey of bonding and pleasure. Miss you tons my friend but happy sailing.

    1. sage Post author

      Miss you too, lovely lady. It has been, and is, a wonderful adventure, yes. Much love to you, BIG hugs, scritches and drools.
      xoxoxoxo ♥♥♥♥

  2. Bruce

    Very envious! J- M always said he would do this! Great to be able to follow along and read of your adventures. Best regards, B.

  3. Arie de Geus

    Hi guys. Finally found your card with the web side on it and it was good to read your story so far. We hope you still have a good time and stayed out of trouble [ I know the answer] Have a good one fair weather and following seas. Regards Arie and Riette

    1. mrjfortin

      How are you doing Arie and your lovely Riette.You both are the best thing that ever happened to us. We are taking excellent care of your beloved Ete Infini, adding things,modifying others
      but all in all she is an awesome girl.Trustworthy, safe, secure, dependable and the envy of many boaters we encounter.We are in Vancouver at this time, earning more money to enjoy sailing her, and to buy her more toys. I still have 2 more summer before my pension kicks in, so getting her ready for full time retirement and full time sailing, is a priority. I know we will enjoy her for many many years to come, and her name is sooooooo fitting.
      we both wish you the best for you and Riette. Long life and many pleasure.


      Jean-Marie and Peggy


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